Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2017 Regional Conference

Lisa Kim

Jeonju University

Talk / Small Talk = Big Smiles

Are you looking for an activity that can liven up students of all ages? Would you like to provide an educational and practical speaking activity with less time to prepare on your part? Whether your purpose is to warm up your class, introduce new expressions or simply review previous lessons, this activity can encourage students to start up a small talk / practice speaking, and require them to connect with the person they are talking to. This activity actually originated from a game that I picked up from a children’s party. I realized it was fun and can be interactive, so I tailor-made it for the classroom setting and began using it as either an ice breaker or for speaking practice.

About Lisa

Lisa Kim has been on the road of helping students learn how to properly communicate in English for 12 years. Her teaching specialty lies in English conversation. She is a strong believer that every student can master English (or any language) if learned properly. For the purpose of encouragement, she constantly reminds her students to imagine learning English as if you were learning how to ride a bicycle – with every fall, you get up, try again and you get better with continuous practice and determination, until you actually learn it and enjoy the benefits of this skill. Her style of teaching is usually interactive and communicative rather than being faithfully stuck to every page of a given textbook. Lisa has been living in Korea for nine years. At present, she teaches at Jeonju University and sometimes writes for the school newspaper.