Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2017 Regional Conference

C. Aaron Pyle

Hwayoung / Kwangjang Elementary

Talk / Intonation Matters

The topic of this lecture will explore the importance of intonation in the English language and how to teach such a lesson. It is a subject that is often overlooked in ESL, but there has been a great deal of research committed to it.


  • Inform ESL students on the importance of intonation in the English language in order to convey proper context.
  • Teaching students how to express themselves tonally while speaking in English, even if they say very little.
  • Tips on how to present the lesson in a fun and informative manner to students, whether they are elementary students or adults.


  1. Introduction
  2. Main Points
    1. Intonation can convey a wide variety of meanings even if the speaker says very little.
    2. Intonation can build confidence in the speaker and create great rapport within the conversation.
    3. Intonation lessons can be taught to students of most age groups and levels.
  3. Workshop
    • Audience members are asked to participate in a series of intonation exercises.
  4. Closing

About Aaron

C. Aaron Pyle is an ESL teacher at Hwayoung Elementary School as well as Kwangjang Elementary School. He is TESL certified and has ten years of experience teaching in South Korea and has taught both elementary and middle school. He has also taken part in programs designed for high school, university, and adult ESL students.