Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2017 Regional Conference

  • Andrew Griffiths Korea

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your welcome and your support yesterday - I had a lot of fun presenting and I was really impressed with how high participation is in your chapter - amazing!

  • Joseph Greenwood Soongil University

    It was truly my pleasure. It was wonderful to meet you all. Jeonju was beautiful, we had a really great Sunday exploring. Fascinating city.

  • Leonie Overbeek Namyang/Gojeong Elementary

    I had a blast! I love seeing my Jeonju friends that I only catch up with at conferences.

  • Petra Glithero-Baldwin Korea

    Thank you all for your hospitality and organizing a great chapter meeting. It was my pleasure to be a part of it.

  • Stewart Gray Danguk University

    Thanks very much again for inviting me. It was an enjoyable workshop. Hope I'll see you all again before too long.

  • Michael Griffin Danguk University

    Hello and thank you again for having us. We really enjoyed the session and talking to people. It was a really nice group.